Research interests:

  • Comparative innovation systems
  • Institutional economics
  • Industrial strategy and technological development
  • Federalism, regions, local government and local governance
  • Post-Soviet developments
  • Russia

My PhD project:

The working title of my PhD thesis is: Governing Innovation: science towns and science parks in Russia. A case study approach.

In this project, I examine the governance of scientific and technological innovation in Russia. More specifically, I look at how a very state-dominant market economy and a highly authoritarian political system has been trying to stimulate scientific and technological innovation. The focus is on two particular approaches: the creation and encouragement of ‘science towns’ and ‘science parks’. Science towns are physical clusters of scientific institutes, educational establishments, and (commercial) firms in a concentrated area. Science parks provide office and/or lab space in a concentrated space and facilities for start-ups and young firms, often but not always focused on a single economic sector.

The thesis employs a mixed methods approach, incorporating the analysis of semi-structured interviews, historical sources, and public documents in Russian and English. For the thesis, I am fortunate to be jointly supervised by Dr Peter Duncan and Professor Slavo Radošević, both of the School of Slavonic and East European Studies, University College London (UCL), UK.



  • Zemtsov S., Muradov A., Wade I., Barinova V. (2016, forthcoming) Determinants of Regional Innovation in Russia: Are People or Capital More Important? Foresight and STI Governance, vol. 10, no 2, pp. XX–XX.

DOI: forthcoming.

  • Wade, Imogen (2014). Review of Lonely Ideas: Can Russia Compete? Loren Graham, Slavonica, 20: 2.

DOI: forthcoming.

  • Radosevic, Slavo and Wade, Imogen (2014). Modernization through large S&T projects: Assessing Russia’s Drive for Innovation-Led Development via Skolkovo Innovation Centre. (Economics and Business Working Papers 131). Centre for Comparative Economics (CCE), UCL SSEES: London, UK.

Available in open access mode via UCL Discovery:

  • Wade, Imogen (2013). Review of ‘Rethinking the Post-Soviet Experience. Markets, Moral Economies, and Cultural
    Contradictions of Post-Socialist Russia’, Jeffrey Hass, Europe-Asia Studies, 66:1, 169-170.

DOI: 10.1080/09668136.2013.864112

Available online at:

  • Wade, Imogen (2013). Skolkovo: Russia’s Silicon Valley or hollow real estate project? UCL SSEES Research Blog.

Available online at:  

  • Wade, Imogen (2012). Review of Russia: The Challenges of Transformation, Piotr Dutkiewicz and Dmitri Trenin (eds.), Slovo, 24: 1, 64-5.

Available in open access mode via UCL Discovery:  

Conference presentations & invited talks:



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